Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sleeping on Sandwiches - Day 4

Sleeping on Sandwiches - Day 4

The Posture Police Blotter has been on hiatus for awhile and I'm bringing it back with a daily blog that will run from June 20 through September 22. This daily edition will have a different focus to it and the gem in all of this is that what I'm going to be writing and what I've written about posture and the Alexander Technique are all related. Follow along and learn how!

The Weekender 1 - Time & Coffee

This is my first weekend entry and it's just past midnigt on June 24, for this intended June 23 entry.  My goal is a daily entry and I will specify now - a daily entry, so long as it doesn't interfere with my abilitiy to be present with my family.  This is my first opportunity to write today.  "The Weekender" is a reference to the New York City weekend subway schedule.   The New York City subway runs 24-hours and doesn't stop for repairs.  Instead it reroutes trains and makes things very complicated and confusing for riders so that work can get done.  Trying to get anything accomplished in a reasonable amount of time with two small children at home can sometimes feel like trying to do repair work on a subway system that never sleeps. 

As I've mentioned, we moved over a year ago a still have quite a bit of unpacking left to do and often find that the most effecient time to do it is at night.  Our children aren't in school yet, and we've never managed any early or any sort of regular sleeping schedule with them, so "at night" usually means relatively late.  I've actually just woken up after 3-hour "nap" and am writting here before I dig into what has been and still is a slow, ongoing process of unpacking and putting things away.

My partner and I both sleep pretty erratically at times, him more than me, but I commonly sleep for a few hours and then stay up for a few hours in the middle of the night before returning to sleep.  Mix that in with a few pretty decent nights of sleep per week and I manage, though I've been making use of coffee more than ever before.

On the topic of coffee, I really have to thank The Alexander Technique for my ability to finally benefit from this substance like much of the world does.  I realize that it may not be the healthiest of beverages and is a very common, legal, addictive drug.  I'm not a terribly frequent drinker and at my worst, don't go beyond one or two servings per day and I do feel better in general when I'm not drinking coffee.  I do admit though that I am somewhat proud and relieved to be able to handle drinking it at all.  My first experiences with coffee were in high school pullin allnighters to write papers.  I tried drinking some instant cappucino a couple of times and I recall feeling so wired from one cup that I could hardly concentrate and I was intensely paranoid that someone was about to break in the back door.  In college, it was worse.  I recall drinking a cup of coffee in a similar situation of having procrastinated on a paper and feeling so jittery, that I may not have even written the paper.  I remember sitting on my bed convicing myself that the feeling would go away and that I'd be ok in the morning. 

I'm still quite sensitive to caffeine, but I'm not the wound up, nervous, neurotic ball of anxiety that I was as a child, teen, and into early adult-hood.  I was so tense that it was like the stimulating effect of coffee had no where to go.  It would get stuck in all of that tension and holding and I'd freak out.  These days I just feel realy awake.  Honestly, it's nice to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee (I do find it quite delicous), but I'm careful to cut back if I feel I'm taking in too much and it's affecting my sleep.

It's now Sunday morning as I'm finishing up this post.  My three year-old woke up last night as I was in the middle of it and was having difficulty getting back to sleep.  So it goes for the "weekender".  I'll be devoting a bunch of extra days in July to spending time at home and helping to get things more organized.  It will be a challenge to keep this daily blog going during all of those days with very little time to myself and I may limit myself to seeing how much I can write in 30 minutes.  It could be a useful exercise in any case!

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